Beer Styles From Around The World

Beer Styles From Around The World


Beer styles from around the world is a unique collection of more than 150 recipes filling more than 400 pages for some of the world’s most important beer styles, developed by brewing cultures all around the globe.

The Book includes:

  • Classic recipes, both ubiquitous and regional, from the Belle Époque of beer style innovation in 19th century Europe.
  • Contemporary recipes from the vibrant, modern craft brew revolution that will carry beer innovation and experimentation into the future.
  • - Signature recipes from the time of the industrial revolution.
  • - Historical recipes from the pre- and post-colonial period of the United States.
  • - Once famous, now forgotten recipes from the renaissance period, when merchant ketches sailed the seas laden with trading beers for goods ranging from fur, to mustard, to minerals.
  • - Even modern reconstructions of recipes from beer’s distant past, all the way back to antiquity. There is an Egyptian recipe from about 4,000 years ago, a Phrygian recipe from about 3,000 years ago, a Germanic-Celtic bread beer recipe from about 2,000 years ago, and a few monastic ale recipes from about 1,000 years ago.

Each recipe comes with the featured beers background stories, histories, brew-technical specifications and tips for innovation and experimentation, as well as an ingredients list and brewing instructions that allow brewers to make these beers in any brew house anywhere.